Wildlife Health Connections

#3: Ellen Martinsen, PhD - The Maven of Malaria in Wildlife

November 27, 2020

Ellen Martinsen, PhD is a leading researcher of malaria parasites in wildlife. These are microscopic parasites that live in the blood, and while tiny in size they can cause big problems. These parasites are found in wildlife on almost every continent, and maybe even in your own backyard. In this episode, Ellen breaks it down for us and shares some of her most surprising research findings. I also catch up with her graduate student Alyssa Neuhaus who tells us what it’s like working with Ellen, and explains what human cadavers have to do with it all.




Episode Notes:


University of Vermont Malaria Parasites Lab:




Science Advances Article- Hidden in plain sight: Cryptic and endemic malaria parasites in North American white-tailed deer




National Audubon Article- Bird CSI: A Loon, a Swollen Spleen, and a Mysterious Disease





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