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#5: Andrea Bogomolni, PhD (Dr. Dre)- Seals as Sentinels of Ecosystem Health

December 9, 2020

Andrea Bogomolni, PhD is an interdisciplinary community scientist who has dedicated her career to ocean health. She works to understand and mitigate human impacts on marine species, facilitate effective collaborations, and raise awareness of ocean health and the connection to human health. In this episode, we talk about seals and seal health, and what these fin-footed friends can tell us about our own health and the state of the environment we all share. We also hear some of the challenges she’s faced in her career working with marine mammals. And also…exploding whale carcasses. 





Check out Andrea’s Website:




The exploding whale of Florence, Oregon:




Research Article on Normal Blood Values in Gray Seals:

Krucik, D. D., Mangold, B., Puryear, W., Keogh, M., Bogomolni, A., Romano, T., ... & Nutter, F. (2020). Serum biochemical and hematologic reference intervals for weanling northwest atlantic gray seals (halichoerus grypus). Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine51(1), 228-231.


Link to article: https://doi.org/10.1638/2019-0086




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